Chuckie is a nerdy, preteen. In the original Rugrats, Chuckie was known to be afraid of everything, including clowns. But in Rugrats All Grown Up, he is braver than he ever has before, though he still sometimes gets nervous when he's older. In the episode TP+KF, Chuckie gets upset with Tommy, because he thinks theress something between Tommy and his step sister Kimi. He also thinks Tommy is the one who carved his and Kimi's initials on his garage wall. Chuckie also once stole a Christmas Tree by accident. Despite the things he does, he still is always willing to help his friends and his sister Kimi. Chuckie is very nice too. Also Chuckie was named after his dad. People call his dad Chas, but his real name is Charles. Chuckie's real name is Charles too. Chuckies full name is Charles Crandall Finster Jr. Chuckie used to have large purple square glasses when was little, but now, Chuckie wears small purple little glasses, very similar to the ones he wore when he was a toddler.


Chuckie Finster is an of average height preteen. He has red uncontrollable hair, peach skin, freckles, and small little triangular purple glasses. Chuckie looks a lot like he did when he was a toddler.

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