Kimi Watanabe-Finster, is the step-sister of Chuckie Finster. Kimi is active, fun, and kind. In the episode, "TP+KF" Kimi was shown to hidden a liking in Tommy. Chuckie, who is Tommy's best friend, gets really upset with Tommy, because he thinks that Tommy was the one who carved his and Kimi's initials on his garage wall, also Chuckie thinks that there's something between Tommy and Kimi. Kimi is over protected by her step-brother Chuckie. Kimi's best friend is Lil Deville. However, Kimi is not very fond of Lil's twin brother Phil Deville. In the episode "Trading Places" Kimi is upset because her father Hiro who lives in Japan, didn't send anything for "Children's Day" in Japan for her. As Kimi said, " Probably because he and my step-mom had a baby" through out the episode, Chuckie's dad, and Kimi's mom go out every night for "ballroom" dancing lessons, even though the truth was that Chas and Kira were actually helping Kimi's step mom and dad find a place to stay but then they decided he could stay at their place for a while. Kimi meets her baby sister in the end, and she gets to see her dad. Also, Chuckie and the gang think Kimi's problem is that she doesn't like her room. Kimi is Japanese-American.


Kimi's hair looks purple like Tommy's, but only darker. Kimi's hair is actually black. Kimi has brown eyes too. She has somewhat tan skin. Kimi is a Japanese girl. Kimi made her first apperence on Rugrats in Paris.

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