Thomas Malcolm "Tommy" Pickles (Born August 11, 1990) is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon animated television series' Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up!. He is clad in only a T-shirt and a diaper and is bald with big, blank eyes.[1][2] He translates everything adult into baby gibberish.[3]Arlene Klasky said that she based the character of Tommy on her own son.[4]

In the Rugrats pilot episode, Tommy was voiced by Tami Holbrook. In the TV series, the character was voiced by E.G. Daily.[5]

His main catchphrase was "a baby's gotta do, what a baby's gotta do!"

Having a Jewish mother and a Christian father, Tommy celebrates both Jewish and Christian holidays (Hanukkah and Christmas for

Personality Edit

Similar to Susie's talent for singing, Tommy also has a newfound talent: making films with his camcorder (perhaps a residue trait leftover from wanting to be like Nigel). A few episodes have been made around this fact: "Truth or Consequences" (first US tx: November 30, 2003), revealed he made his first film at the age of 37 months, then making a negative film about his friends. The main storyline of "Brother, Can You Spare The Time?" (first US tx: January 17, 2004) opened with him mentioning recently winning a young filmmaker's award; and one storyline in the episode "Bad Aptitude" (first US tx: June 4, 2004) was about Tommy's sudden early retirement from filmmaking after making a flop and receiving an unfavorable (for his filmmaking aspirations) result on his career aptitude exam. However, he has not been seen with his camcorder since "The Big Score" (first US tx: April 25, 2005), when he was filming Lil at the soccer field.

In the episode "Thief Encounter" (first US tx: December 6, 2003), he was discovered to be stealing goods from around the neighborhood, but that was because he was sleep walking; in "River Rats" (first US tx: December 13, 2003), he was shown to be afraid of water, stemming from an experience during a fishing outing with his grandpa; in "Dude, Where's My Horse?" (first US tx: July 16, 2005), he was the worst cowboy out of the regulars (always roping up Lil).

Up until early Season 2, Tommy was also either shown or mentioned as being part of the school soccer team, even trying to teach Dil how to play ("Fools Rush In", first US tx: June 5, 2004). Lately (more specifically since the episode "The Big Score"), however, all the focus on soccer has involved only Phil and Lil DeVille. He had his first kiss with Olivia in episode 26, "Fear of Falling". Tommy may Have Feelings for his best Friend Lil Deville as we see in All Grown Up Movie interview with a campfire He was jealous because Lil was crushing Rock . And He was Dancing With Lil at the episode Cupid Stupid

Appearance - In All Grown UpEdit

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Tommy Pickles

Tommy now has purple hair like his father, Stu. From season 2 onwards, his hair was changed to a lighter purple color. For season one, he wears a white shirt with yellow sleeves. For later seasons, Tommy (like most characters) expanded his wardrobe and began wearing many different outfits. He still keeps his screwdriver he had as a baby in his pocket. More recently, he had a keychain with a screwdriver on it.


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